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Visiting Fairbanks is perhaps one of the best free options in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Indianapolis Children's Museum is the largest children's museum in the world and offers you and your children a variety of fun activities around Indianapolis. This museum is everything a child (or adult) could wish for, and it is a great place for children and adults of all ages. This is not only the best family attraction in Indiana, but also offers a variety of activities for children as well as free admission for adults.

If you're in Indiana in the summer, the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) also hosts the Summer Nights Film Series. The Indiana State Museum has some of the best exhibits of its kind in Indiana and you will find a variety of exhibits for children and adults as well as free admission for adults. Not to forget that this park also offers a number of free activities for children, such as a playground, water park, ice rink and much more. This is the largest public park in Indianapolis, Indiana with over 1,000 acres of parking space and is a great place for family fun and lots of fun for all ages.

Indianapolis has a number of free summer concerts offered by various bands, including the Philharmonic Orchestra. In the spring, Indy Parks in Indianapolis hosts a free pop show each spring, and in the summer, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra hosts a series of concerts.

There are a number of affordable attractions in Indianapolis, including the Indianapolis Museum of Natural History, Indiana State Museum and University of Indiana. Other museums to visit include the Indiana State Museum, which tells the story of Indianapolis, and the Eiteljorg Museum, which explores the art and culture of the American West. The Indiana State Museum is also located downtown and is an interesting place to visit.

Popular Indy attractions, such as the Indiana State Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Natural History and the Eiteljorg Museum, border the east and west sides of the city. Participating attractions include the Great American Ballpark, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana University and IUPUI.

A few other places I would recommend are Bedford, Indiana, the capital of the limestone floor of the world, and Indianapolis. There are only a few options, but Indiana offers two options: Indiana State University and Indiana University of Science and Technology (IUPUI) and the Indianapolis Museum of Natural History.

The Indiana Historical Society manages the Indiana History Center, located at the corner of South Main Street and South Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Canal Walk, which stretches north of White River State Park, offers a beautiful promenade along the Central Canal in Indiana. Access to the canal is via the Indianapolis Waterfront Trail, a 1.5-mile trail that runs through the city of Indianapolis and the National Historic Landmark Park.

Opened in 1964, the Indianapolis Zoo is located on a 64-acre site in downtown Indianapolis and houses more than 3,800 animals representing 320 species. Also at Indiana Zoo is the world's largest collection of orangutans, which is unique to the United States: the Great Barrier Reef National Wildlife Refuge.

Located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, this hotel is undoubtedly one of the top 10 attractions you can find in the state and a must-have - have space to visit. Technically, it's the Indianapolis Museum of Art we mentioned earlier, but even if you don't plan to visit the museum, it's still worth a visit. Indy, where downtown Indiana is located, has a number of hot points of interest.

The Central Canal is home to many of the city's top tourist attractions, including the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana State Museum and Great American Ballpark. As for parks, Indiana has several beautiful parks, be it Indiana's Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Indianapolis Zoo or Indianapolis Motor Speedway, to name a few.

Take a tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or visit the Indiana State Museum, Great American Ballpark or Indianapolis Zoo. Visit one of the seven museums in downtown Indy, such as the American Museum of Natural History or the National Archives. Whether you're looking to see the Hoosier State's most famous movie, "Dungeons of Indiana," or visit the Ragtops Museum in Northwest Indiana, you can find it all in one place.

Visit one of India's top attractions, including the Indiana State Museum, the Great American Ballpark or the Indianapolis Zoo. The park also features a number of other attractions, including a museum of Indiana history, a cinema, a bowling alley and even a children's museum.

If your kids are inclined to music, a visit to the center is the best thing to do in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Indy Center also has instruments that come not only from Indiana, but from all over the world. Whether you're a fan of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Indiana State Orchestra or even a musician, there's plenty to do for kids in Indy.

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