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You'll also find it at the top of the list of the best hotels in the city of Indianapolis, just a few blocks from downtown Indianapolis.

Unique Hotels at Fashion Mall Keystone offers you the opportunity to stay near the Fashion Mall at Keystone and save on the cost of a hotel room in one of the best hotels in Indianapolis.

If you are in town to visit the Fashion Mall in Keystone, you can explore all the attractions within a few miles of the area. The Unique Hotels at Fashion Mall Keystone in Indianapolis, Indiana is located nearby and in the heart of downtown Indianapolis at the intersection of South Main Street and Main Avenue. It is a short drive from the Indianapolis Convention Center and Indiana State Capitol.

Castleton Keystone Crossings is the kind of place that every visitor to Indianapolis must visit if they are in love with local cuisine. Located at the intersection of South Main Street and Main Avenue in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, this hotel offers artisanal pizza from Napolese's, a short drive from the Indiana State Capitol and the Indianapolis Convention Center. The Keystone Fashion Mall in Indianapolis has 127 stores in Indiana and is located on one of the most popular shopping streets in Indiana. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more and get access to the best deals on hotels, restaurants, hotels and restaurants in Indy. Circle Centre offers over 100 shopping opportunities and connects downtown Indianapolis with the city of Lafayette, Indiana and other parts of southern Indiana and northern Kentucky.

Located at the intersection of South Main Street and Main Avenue in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Keystone Shoppes are home to a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment on one of Indiana's most popular shopping streets. Indianapolis has the Fashion Mall in Keystone and all the restaurants in it on Tripadvisor.

You want to browse the wide range of clothing, accessories, jewelry, clothing and accessories available at Keystone Shoppes. If you are on the crossing, Keystone Shopping Center also offers a wide selection of food and beverages.

Reviews, Hours, Directions, Vouchers and more at the Indiana Sheraton Hotel at Keystone Shoppes in Indianapolis, Indiana on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel at Keystone Crossing is located in Indianapolis, a short walk from the Fashion Mall of Keystone, which features an indoor pool and hot tub offered by the Sheraton. Located at 6885 Contact Review Drive in Indianapolis, Indiana, this boutique hotel features a rooftop lounge and fine dining. Located in the Keystone Crossing Area, the hotel is home to several upscale shopping centers, including Keystone Shoppes, the largest shopping mall in Indiana and one of the largest in North America, as well as a large number of restaurants and retail outlets. Featuring a rooftop lounge, outdoor pool and indoor pool with jacuzzi offered by the Sheronatons, this Sher Indiana Sheraton hotel in Keystone Crossroads is conveniently located just blocks east of downtown Indianapolis. A boutique hotel located on the corner of Sixth Street and Main Street in downtown Indiana, with rooftop lounges and fine dining.

Restaurants in the Keystone Mall area are known for their fine dining options as well as a wide range of retail stores and restaurants.

The Fashion Mall's large fitness center is located in Keystone Crossing and features an indoor heated pool, the largest of its kind in the United States and the only one in Indiana. Located just blocks from Castleton, the mall is one of Indianapolis "leading shopping centers, offering a wide variety of retail stores, restaurants and entertainment. Known for its high-quality retail and restaurant options, OCEAN PRIME Indianapolis offers an exceptional experience to all guests.

The Fashion Mall of Keystone is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and has 127 stores. Scroll down for information and check the mall reviews. Located a few blocks from Castleton and a short drive from Indianapolis International Airport, the Fashion Mall is one of Indianapolis "leading shopping centers. Shop around the malls and find the best way to discover the best places to eat in the city.

Located just off Interstate 465 in Indianapolis, Hyatt Place is next to the Fashion Mall of Keystone and features an outdoor pool and 24-hour restaurant. The Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel Keystone Crossing is located near the Indianapolis Airport and is connected by a skywalk to both the fashion center in Keystone and Indianapolis, Indiana. It can also be seen from the top floor of the hotel on the west side of Indianapolis International Airport.

And last but not least, Keystone's Fashion Mall offers some of the best dining options you'll ever see in a mall. Maggiano's at the Fashion Mall and all her food in Indianapolis comes fresh and scratchy - made Italian. Sullivan's Steakhouse is inspired by Sullivan's and is located just blocks from the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel Keystone Crossing, adjacent to the Hyatt Place Hotel in Keystone, Indiana. Located just off Interstate 465, north of Indianapolis International Airport, this steakhouse location means you'll find a great look while dining in style.

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