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The White River State Park Amphitheater recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and features some of the best music in the Circle City. Normally, the park prepares for a tour at this time of year. The park has long been a haven for outdoor recreation, but this year the volume in the parks has increased as the concert series brings touring acts to the south side of India.

The acts range from local indie musicians making their debut to indie rockers, hip-hop artists and more. HI - FI Indy is known as one of Indiana's premier outdoor facilities, attracting an equally diverse audience. The indie rocker played the first Steadfast Fest in 2016 and has toured the region since, releasing several EP's and even gracing the attention of the Indianapolis Music Hall of Fame and Indiana Music Awards.

With a pre-show tour scheduled for 2020, it doesn't look like the Midwest native will be slowing down anytime soon. Schlegel plans to begin his solo career in the 2020s with a full-length album and a tour. The sky is the limit for Americana - a guitarist with a music that radiates authenticity.

Cole Porter, who wrote "Anything Goes," was born in Peru, Indiana, in 1891, to a wealthy family. To further explore the life of this talented man, we visited his home in Indiana and his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Gary, Indiana, was home to Vee Jay Records, which was known for its rock'n'roll in the 1950s and early 1960s. Later they called themselves Zero Boys and became the most important punk band ever to emerge from the state. The band, which captivated the punk scene in Indiana and often eclipsed their music, caused various controversies throughout their careers.

Wrecked Hooligan Records was formed in 2012 and released a compilation entitled Coast to Coast. Here you can find a collection of the band's most popular songs from their early days. Problems, "which features a mix of classic and modern rock'n'roll, as well as some of their most famous songs. Whether you want to relax in the vinyl booth of the old Teepee restaurant, sit at an original oak bar or kick back and relax at the award-winning Melody Inn jukebox, Vee Jay Records is the place to be.

Please note that the hikes are included in the concert tickets, but the tour - only the tickets are not sold. A ticket for the concert is reserved for wheelchair users and can be purchased on Saturday, 23 June, at 10.30 in front of the hall.

Touring acts from across the country will take to the stage, while the scent of fried chicken plates and the sounds of live blues music will set the audience in the mood for rousing country tunes. Get to the boot lid early and start your evening with local, regional and national artists performing live in blue.

The - hard classical music fans can also buy a single ticket and subscribe to a traditional full-length concert with world-renowned virtuosos such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Mozarteum and others. If classical music is not your thing, check out ISO's pop calendar, which offers everything from Broadway hits to rock anthems.

The Indianapolis native and Steadfast 2019 alumni also made several other notable appearances last year, including live at AZMyth Recording Studios in Indianapolis in February and at the Indianapolis Music Festival in March. The hip-hop artist has released his first project and even put one of his songs on the list of the 100 best rap albums of the year. He has also played with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and many others. His upcoming SkRiLLa's Zoo Crew album, which includes a number of tracks from his upcoming EP, debuted on Inside Tracks from Comcast and Xfinity.

Now you can visit his birthplace in Fairbanks Park and see a sculpture commemorating the 100th anniversary of the state song. Fans from around the world, known as "Mellencampheads," can travel there to visit the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts, housed in the Mellencamps, a historic 100,000-square-foot building. The three venues are connected by the Indiana State Performing Arts Center, the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the University of Indiana.

From Metallica to Billy Joel to Katy Perry, the Fieldhouse knows how to put on a show you remember. This is Center Presents concert season, which offers a total entertainment program, including energetic live music shows featuring the latest dance hits performed on piano and guitar and everything that happens during the show. Blues guitarist and singer Buddy Guy and legends such as Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan, John Prine and Buddy Holly.

If it's not filled with 18,000 fanatical basketball fans, the Bankers Life Fieldhouse will be a sold-out concert hall. The White Rabbit fits perfectly into this niche area and has a diverse program that includes live music and other fun events on the calendar. Also known for the food prepared from scratch by a friendly and versatile staff, served right in downtown Indianapolis.

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