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Do Fun Things in Southern Indiana, Indianapolis and the state we designed the IDEAL Indianapolis Itinerary. Go out to discover all that Indy has to offer, then drive back to your home state of Indiana for more fun.

Located in downtown Indianapolis, the Indiana State Museum offers a variety of attractions to visit. If you want to see the Dunkin 'Donuts or visit the Ragtops Museum in Northwest Indiana, you can do so on a day off. There are many free days, such as Saturday and Sunday, as well as a number of special events, and you will find a wide range of activities for children and adults, from family-friendly events to special exhibitions.

Indianapolis is a popular destination for motorists, with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana State Museum and University of Indianapolis among the top attractions. These attractions include a variety of food and beverages as well as a number of attractions for children and adults. Some popular Indy attractions, including the National Museum of Natural History in downtown Indianapolis and Indiana University, are bordered on the east and west sides by attractions such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We expect to explore many of them if you plan a trip to Indy, but not all.

As part of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Lilly House and Gardens is a major historic Indianapolis landmark. Even if you don't plan to visit it, try it, because it is a beautiful site in Indianapolis that is worth visiting.

This area is one of the most entertaining areas in Indianapolis, and if you're in town for the weekend, you should add this area to your checklist of activities you can do in and around Indianapolis at night. This is a hot spot of interest that can be found in Indy, where the center of Indiana is located.

A few other places I would recommend are Bedford, Indiana, the capital of the limestone floor of the world. Indiana and Indianapolis are full of curiosities, and you can take a day trip by visiting these places and capturing them on camera.

One of the best things to do in Indianapolis is to visit the Indianapolis Zoo, which houses the incredible International Orangutan Center. With all these attractions, time in the Artsgarden is one of my favorite places and the most popular of all the "free" things you can do in Indiana for free.

s Museum, the Indianapolis Children's Museum offers a variety of fun activities for kids in Indianapolis. With five floors of fun, it's one of the most popular "things to do for kids in Indy" in the Indianapolis area.

The Indiana State Museum has the largest collection of Indiana artifacts in the United States and is one of Indianapolis "most popular museums. The state museum is adding a new exhibit on Indiana's history and culture, as well as new exhibits on science, technology, technology and mathematics (STEM).

If you're in town to visit the Rhythm Discovery Center, which specializes in percussion instruments, you won't miss any of the fun activities in Indy. If your kids are inclined to music, a visit to the center is the best thing you can do in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check out the Cultural Center while exploring Indianapolis for some fun, top - of - the - things - to - do fun.

Among the many museums worth visiting in Indianapolis, there are seven museums located in and around downtown Indy. Take a tour of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, visit the Museum of Natural History, a remarkable museum in White River State Park, or enjoy a visit to the Indiana State Museum, the largest museum in the United States. This museum in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, has a huge encyclopedic collection spanning a variety of disciplines.

The museum is one of Indianapolis "top attractions and the perfect place for a day trip or even an overnight stay. One of India's greatest attractions is the museum, which preserves its classic interiors from the 1960s, houses the largest art collection in the United States and the world, and the largest collection in Indiana. The museum has been the subject of numerous movies and television shows, including "The Wizard of Oz," and there are many activities for children in and around Indianapolis. Whether you're a kid with an interest in art, science, history or just a love of art, there's plenty to do for you and your kids at the Indianapolis Art Center; it's a great place to have fun with friends, family, friends of friends and even a few of your favorite artists.

As for parks, Indiana has several beautiful parks, whether it's White River State Park, the Indianapolis Zoo or the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Many of Indianapolis' favorite spots surround White River State Park, making it the perfect place for tourists to begin their Indianapolis adventure. Staying downtown means you can easily visit the city's most popular attractions, including the Natural History Museum and the University of Indiana.

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