Le Creuset Releases Breathtaking Ombre Cookware Collection

Published 08-07-2018

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Le Creuset cookware already comes in a variety of beautiful colors, from calming marine blue to striking orange flame. But now the vaunted company known for its enameled cast iron has introduced three new ombre shades, colors that move from light to medium to dark within the same hue.

The three ombre shades are pink, blue, and grey, and each one is almost fully white at the center of the lid, and then moves in darkness down to the bottom of the pot.

"A new color evolution in our rich legacy of innovation, this limited edition collection dazzles with shades that cascade from light to dark," raves the company's website.

That word "new" might surprise some who know their cookware well. If you think you've seen ombre Le Creuset before, you have a good memory. As Refinery 29 points out, the company has released colors before that do feature a shade that fades from light to dark. In January, the company introduced a new lavender color dubbed Provence that has a similar shading, but it never goes fully white, instead fading between light and deep purple.

Only three pieces, all cast iron, are available in the three ombre shades. The color collection is available in two sizes of Le Creuset's signature round Dutch oven, and also in the signature saucepan.

The ombre items went on sale in August, and are a limited-edition offering, available only through January 2019.

While beautiful, the cookware isn't cheap. The Dutch ovens sell for $310 and $380, and the saucepan carries a $185 pricetag. But it's so lovely you may want to put it on the list of 25 kitchen items you probably don't need, but might want anyway.

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